Certain little things make big differences.
though a case may seem not convincing,
but when the truth is found it has in it
the capacity of beating down the conviction of men.
A strong tree with many branches may not come into existence
until a small seed germinates and even after germination,
the seed will grow throw the course of time to make the tree.
But then a people that knew not about the germination,
may not rejoice until the final tree is completely born.
Pluck out a fruit and eat,
you will be well satisfied but then your neigbour and people around you
will have one fruit less to what they can possibly reach at or consume.

Mr. Denis is a preacher with a convincing but very soft voice.
One day he decided to set out from his town Ezikahm to a very far town,
for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
From Ezikahm to Mekista is about 2500km.
But from Mekista to Degina is about 350km.
on the sea, there is a shout path of 900km from Ezikahm to Degina
but ship owners have totally and indefinitely withdrawn from business
for about seventeen months due to the activities of pirates
accompanied with the unexpected change in the wave tide of the sea.
Denis will hence have to travel on land through the blank Dry Desert of “Eli”
to get to the city of Degina.
On his own, Denis may not have taken the risk
to travel this wild and dangerous route
but there is a spirit in certain persons who are called “sons of God”
which makes them to act and live their lives as if they are unreasonably drunk
yet it endows them with much peace, knowledge and power
to expressionlessly bring light into darkness and call death to life.

The desert of “Eli” covered about five satellite towns,
so separated from each other
that someone in one village can live his entire life without interaction with others.
As the land is very dry so is the soil very unproductive
and the Air is so hot and dry
that one is most likely not to urinate or spit for about 30 days
as the body will try its best to conserve as much water as possible.
water is highly reserved in these towns especially drinking water
and though the villages within “Eli” will have to dig seriously for many months before they can get access to some water,
the water at the wells in “Eli” is pitifully dark, smelling and it kills within eight hours.
Being that the people of “Eli” has no choice,
they use this water for washing
while they buy or fetch drinking and cooking water from outside “Eli”.

As Denis took on his journey to Degina,
after many days of travel on camel back, he came to Mekista
fully exhausted and empty, he and some men with whom he traveled.
So he decided to meet with the people of Mekista
and ask them for water and for a little shelter
but on each door that Denis knocked at, he was bluntly rejected
until finally he came to a house owned by a widow and made his demands,
but the widow being so kind, accepted him to stay a night with them
before he commences his travel tomorrow but for water she said
“Young man,in Mekista water is equal to life.
If you ask for water it means that you request for one’s life
and that is enough reason for the entire village to gather and ensure you are burnt alive”.
So Denis having understood the perception towards his demand,
He never asked for water but communed with the woman about Christ Jesus.
when the evening of that day has passed,
the woman brought out a small gallon of water and gave Denis
telling him that her children, four boys, went to get water
and will surely be coming back in three days time.
But while the lady was still speaking,Denis have completely finished all the water. on seeing this, the woman shouted;
“Oh, do you know that I was about to use that water
which you finished on a siting, for three more days as I wait for my children?".

The next day after Denis has gotten ready
and is about to move onto his destination, which is Degina,
he asked the widow woman who has given her life to Christ,
If there can ever be a way by which water can be gotten.
but the woman cried that
`had it been my children left home earlier, by now you wont be suffering this
but now I have given you all I have and you too have given me something more precious, which is salvation.
But Denis is very dry and thirty so he requested for the bottle of water
from which he drank the previous day,
hoping that in it there might still be some small drop of water to wet his apatite. when the widow brought the gallon,
as Denis was about to drink the one small drop he found in it,
it occurred to him that though this widow has known the truth,
but she do not known the power of the truth
or understand that God can do all things
even getting them out from each and every yoke in their life.
So Denis thought to himself
being full of compassion for these villagers living in “Eli”
that if he should drink this last drop, he will have some slight relief
but the village will remain as he met it.
so he blessed the water saying

“you that is little,will surely spring forth
to become abundant nourishment to this entire village, very soon”.

After this he dropped the water on the dry soil
and after exchanging some kind gesture with the widow and some of her relatives, Denis left to meet the others who have gone ahead of him, on their way to Degina.

Before his Mission at Degina ended, ship owners have came back to business
and Denis went back to Ezikahm by ship.
Three years after, as Bishop Denis was busy preparing a sermon
which he will deliver at a nationwide crusade organized by his church
A handsome young man was brought to him,
the man said he came with good tidings from his mother and brothers
and their entire village, Mekista.
Explaining that at Mekista, now there is grass, plants and trees
with a neat pond whose water comes from underground
very neat and serves enough to satisfy the thirst
of not only the people of Mekista but also their many cattle
and surrounding villages within “Eli” desert.