Each and every Man has great expectations, plans, desires, what he wants, what he seek to get, be or achieve. But where you seek for a thing can determines if you will get it, how much of it you will get and if you will be satisfied / enjoy what you get.
Many times what men go all out to the mountains or to the dark valleys, thick forest or farthest lengths to find is readily available to them at their doorpost such that if only they did turn to the other side, they will meet what they want much better, readily available and given to them. A sum of the entire quest in man is to be fulfilled, relevant and satisfied in life. Wonderfully, all this has been standing at the door of your heart, mind and soul saying –

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open, I will come in and eat with him and he with me” -Rev. 3:20

“If any man” – It means that your individual difference is not a problem, your nature, lifestyle, Negative side, beauty, talent, weakness, fault, pursuits, Job, career etc. - all these does not constitute a case, no it does not. It’s not a problem, it’s not an issue.
“Hear my voice and open” all you need to do is to turn around. Yes turn around – Meaning, pay attention to the voice of Life and accept what it tells you. Yes accept it for in it is fullness of Life.
“I will come in”  many times in human life people may have told you, “I will come for the party”, “I will come and see you”   but yet they did not come. Yes such things do happen because first, they don’t know tomorrow and secondly they are very limited by time and space. but in this situation in which life is a person and he is everywhere, not limited by time or space, he is everywhere and knows the end of a thing from the very beginning and he is FAITHFUL to do what he says he will do and is ALMIGHTY- nothing can stop him. Most certainly when he says he will pay you a visit, He will pay you a visit surely.

“and eat with him and he with me” when a guest pay you a visit, it is what you have at your table and in your hands that you will offer him, and he will eat it in approval of your kind gesture. Likewise, if he your guest is rich and is able to provide anything and he comes in with wine and pleasantries to share with you, then you will also eat of what he brings as much as you desires.
In this situation you gave out something, you sacrificed something out of you to accommodate / delight your guest and you get from him as much as you ever want. But marriage is not just about what you get but much more about a person who you want to share your time and moments with. It’s about different colours coming together to form a mixture. It’s about two different individuals coming together to be one.

Jesus loves you, he died for you and resurrected back to life still available for you. He is the life and peace. He wants you to have life abundantly and eternally. He is knocking now at the door of your heart. Just kneel down now and speak to him – “Tell him to come and live in you and live through you. Tell him to take away your sin and that it’s the sacrifice you make to accommodate him. Tell him that he must never leave you even if you ever ask so.Tell him to do it all by his power, wisdom and love. Tell him to live in you and through you at the now, steadily always, forever” Amen.
Surely he will do it all because he is FAITHFUL ……